Happy New Year!

I hope your entry into 2018 was as gentle as your Goal Kittens.

So as we delve into 2018 with a U.S. president who is literally saying shit as stupid as


I don’t understand how any of this is real. ANY OF IT.

It seems like we need to be doing more than EVER to help the planet.

But of course, “going green” is a daunting task that usually leaves me feeling like the Fuck It Friday guy


Only I feel like instead of picking up papers on Monday, we’ll all be picking up packages of Soylant Green (it’s peeeeople!).


Anyway. When it comes to daunting tasks, the key is to do something rather than nothing. Because once you do something then you’ll at least be on your way and you can add more to your list as you go along.

So if you are looking for something then I would like to propose you ask this question:

What DISPOSABLE household items can be switched out for something REUSEABLE?

Last year, I began asking myself that question and I’ve slowly been adding to my collection of reusable items. Here are some examples:

Makeup Remover 

Are you using those one and done face wipes? They’re great! Except for the fact that they’re one and done. That’s why I’ve switched to cloth makeup remover and cleansing water. It works GREAT, just as well as the wipes. And, after a few days, I can drop the dirty cloth in the wash and grab another one.

Mops and Brooms

At some point we all got on the Swiffer bandwagon. But guess what? IT’S ONE AND DONE. Do you know how much waste you get from using a real broom and a real mop? None.

I know the Swiffer is super easy, but guess what? You can get the same sweeping power in a reusable form.


Yes, sponges. You don’t have to throw out your sponges, you can just get reusable ones and wash them.

Cleaning cloths

Do you clean your home with paper towels? What do you do with those paper towels afterwards? Oh yeah, you throw them out. For a few bucks you can get a giant pack of micro fiber cleaning clothes and use those for all your clean up needs – from scrubbing the base of the toilet, to dusting, to spilled milk (no crying!) – and then just throw it in the wash.


Dryer Sheets

Are you putting dryer sheets in your dryer and then…throwing them away? You don’t have to. Dryer balls do the same work as the dryer sheets, minus the scent. If you want a nice smell, just drop in a little essential oil.


The best part to all of this is in addition to making the world a better place for yourself and the future and getting to feel awesome about yourself every time you reuse an item, you’re also SAVING MONEY. A $12 investment here, a $4 investment there will last you months, even years before you have to buy anything new.

Do you have an items you’ve converted to reusable? What are you suggestions!

Now get out there and REUSE, you adult you.


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