Wheee! Our first guest post, brought to you by reader Zia who wanted to share her adulting tips on skin care. As you will see, she’s a fabulous writer. So…hopefully you’ll see more from her soon. Do you want to write a guest post? Just drop me a line!

Think back to the eons ago when you first started something of a skin care regimen. How did you decide what products to use?

For me, it was a Noxzema commercial. Remember Noxzema? (Surprisingly still a thing). I saw those older girls with their gorgeous complexions cruising in convertibles and being cool and talking to boys with confidence. Sold.


Apparently in the…decade that shall not be named, my face BELONGED to Noxzema…

I probably read somewhere that cleanser wasn’t enough to really clean skin and you had to follow up with an astringent. So, I started using Sea Breeze.

 Noxzema and Sea Breeze. Lawd have mercy I am dating myself.

 Cough Cough

Years later, the way we choose our products isn’t all that different. We experiment. We see ads and commercials, grill our friends for tips and study online reviews, agonizing over the one or two users who swear such and such product transformed/ruined their skin. We read articles about how this new product is the next big advancement in skin care that everyone needs to know about.

Only now instead of the odd pimple, we’re looking for the magic potion that will zap under eye circles and bags, dryness, dullness, uneven skin tone, scars, sun spots, early signs of aging, adult acne that won’t go away and whatever else we can imagine is wrong with our skin.


We do all this research to try to minimize the chances of trying out a product that our skin hates. And yet too many of us fail to do the one thing that would eliminate most of the guess work.

 Which brings me to my tip:

See a dermatologist.

I finally broke down and saw a doctor after a particularly bad year for my skin, where I was breaking out constantly and spending entirely too much money on new products I hoped would fix it. I realized the problem was beyond me and I needed professional assistance.

After one visit, my doctor sent me home with three prescriptions and worksheets outlining exactly how to use the medicine, how to monitor for results or adverse reactions, and recommendations for other products I could use.

 (She also told me to buy a Clarisonic skin scrubber. Now I’m telling you: Buy a Clarisonic. Seriously.)

In ten minutes, my doctor demystified skin care struggles I’d endured for 10 years. Yeah, no kidding. Because she’s a DOCTOR. She’s had medical training. She is an expert. Duhhhhhh.

We live in a time when we have so much information at our disposal. Too much, probably, because very few of us also have the requisite expertise on what to do with it. We get sick and rather than see a doctor who’s spent years in medical school, we Google a combination of symptoms and hypothesize what we have. Before we know it, we’ve convinced ourselves we’re patient zero for a new wave of the plague.

giphy (7).gif

A doctor would look at the same symptoms and be like, yawn, you have a cold. Take in more fluids.

Skincare guesswork is hella expensive, time-consuming and stressful. I don’t know about you but I can’t haul ass back to Sephora every month to try out something else. My skin product graveyard is full.


That’s actually all my wasted money flying away

My skin isn’t perfect but it’s in way better shape since seeing a dermatologist. More importantly, I’m not nearly as anxious and self-conscious about it. It’s gotten me out of the cycle of impulse buying new products because I’m desperate for a solution.

 So, go see a dermatologist. Let them do the heavy lifting. Armed with professional information, then you can hit the skincare aisles ready to make the right choices for you.

 Go out there and adult your skincare!

 p.s. Get a Clarisonic. You’ll thank me later.