Hi there. It’s only been, what, three months?

Much like Orion, I have indeed been hanging in there.

In the past three months I:

  • Finished home renovations on the new condo
  • Packed up our apartment
  • Moved
  • Marshaled at the Women’s March
  • Unpacked
  • Started a Keto diet
  • Revived a women’s travel community
  • Started two new side businesses
  • Filed taxes
  • Didn’t die

OH YEAH! And I rebranded the blog.

We are now, officially, DIY Adulting



I’ve migrated platforms and hopefully followers, but please bear with me while I work out the kinks.

DIY Adulting (formerly ICHA) was born out of a desire to share my unique journey, skills and passions with anyone interested enough to read along. And, thanks to some prodding from Best Friend: Partner in Crime, I’ve taken it a step further and developed the concept into a business.

Yes, You Got This is like the live action version of this blog. All the adulting things you’ve been reading about? I’ll help you accomplish them in your own life. If you want to learn more about what the means, check out my new website.

Now this blog fits perfectly into the puzzle of my life and work. I will continue to share my own journey of adulting here, just like always. I’m excited to be back!