Ok adults, what’s our motto?

Well, we don’t have one (yet) but if we had one, it would be…something, something, yeah, yeah, increase happiness and decrease stress. Woo!

(Can you tell I was never on the cheerleading squad? Or any kind of squad?).

Well guess what? Houseplants are an adulting-er’s best friend. Because studies show they increase happiness and decrease stress. And some other awesome stuff too like help with concentration, improve productivity and remove toxins from the air.

Bottom line is, houseplants are awesome.

Oh wait. Except if you’re anything like me, YOU KILL THEM. And that is the worst kind of stress of all. Is there, honestly, anything more depressing than throwing out another plant that you failed to care for even though you really tried, you really really tried?

So how did I overcome my black thumb and start filling my home with stress relieving plants?

I discovered “plant waterers.”

That’s right. You can buy something that will water your plant for you. The basic concept is that you fill it with water and it releases the water into your plant as the soil gets dry.

Yes, ok, it isn’t a gardener doing it for you which means you still have to fill the waterers with water BUT you don’t have to do it as regularly and you have a nice indicator – an empty waterer – to tell you when it’s time to fill it up.

There are two kinds I’ve found that I like:

Watering Globe

I love these. I think they do more than just water my plants, they also look cool! I fill these up maybe once a week.

Terra Cotta Plant Waterers

Did you notice my little iguana hanging on the spider plant?

These aren’t as artsy and fun as the globes but for the bigger plants you need something a little heftier. These are just small, clay stakes that you put in the dirt, then you put a water bottle into the stakes and the clay limits the amount of water that is released from the bottle. If you get these, you’ll need to be sure to get a 1.5 liter bottle of water. But the good news is, you have to fill these up even less! Depending on how dry it is, it can be a few weeks before these need a refill.

These waterers changed my life. I went from having zero plants to one and when I didn’t kill that one, I kept adding. Now I have six and I’m always on the lookout for more because I know, finally, I won’t kill them!

Now get out there and fill your house with plants, you adult you!