I considered upgrading this to “moderate” level adulting tip because it does require a fairly decent amount of self control – but I believe that we adulters can pull this one off.

Here it is:

Put your items into your online shopping cart and then walk away for 24 hours

There’s two reasons why this is an awesome adulting skill.

  1. It will short circuit the impulse buy and give you one day to think about how much you really need that Nicolas Cage Pillowcase.

    But more importantly…

  2. Many shops will give you a discount if they see you’re not sure about purchasing…

An e-mail I just got this week 

By waiting just 24 hours, I almost never pay full price for an item and I end up with only the things I really need (or want).

giphy (2).gif

Now obviously, this doesn’t work for larger stores like Amazon – but it’s good to get into the habit of walking away from impulse buys and giving yourself time to think.

So…what are your tips for saving money online?