About DIYAdulting

I am a 30 something who stockpiled degrees, certifications, hobbies and passport stamps like a survivalist before Y2K. But until just a few years ago I lived on turkey sandwiches, handled my 401k the way I handle spiders (eyes closed, lots of screaming) and considered it a major triumph if I could vacuum once a month.

I stand by all that as an awesome way of life.

But occasionally adulting has to happen.  I’ve learned some stuff and I’m still learning stuff. Stuff like how to clean. How to cook. How to file taxes (shudder). But also how to be honest with myself. How to face challenges. How to mend relationships. And since I figured it out on my own, I thought it would be nice to share so maybe someone else doesn’t have to figure it all out on their own too.

This is my journey.

If you want me to join you on your journey, check out my services at Yes, You Got This.

About The Adult

Cat Mom. Wife. Notary public. Ordained minister. Certified bartender. Certified Yoga Teacher. Introvert-lite. Nerd-ette. Al-Anon member. Anxiety induced depression or depression induced anxiety. Penchant for heels and words like penchant.

Cast of Characters



This little one caught my eye at the shelter with his big green eyes, silver coat and big big purr box. He was a big step for me in my adulting process. I hadn’t stayed in the country long enough to own a pet before. But I made the decision to give my heart to something and try to stick around. Thank GOD I did. He has turned out to be my little therapy cat. I learned later on that he is Burmese, which explains why he LOVES to be in human contact at all times (like right now). I honestly can’t get enough of his cat snuggles. Except maybe when I wake up in the morning and he’s doing that to me.

Mr. Juris Doctor


My husband, the lawyer. We met on Tinder. He is beyond brilliant (I love listening to him on client calls), wise (he asks me things like “what is your ultimate goal and we’ll work from there?”) sexy (he even cooked naked once) and practical (“we don’t need a new one, this one works perfectly fine” is said far too often in our house). His steadiness continues to be a new and wonderous thing to me. While I quantify life in in terms of “the best thing that’s ever happened to me” and “so awful I want to die,” he sees things in terms of “not great” and “pretty good.” Our journey together has been a lot of work and has become “pretty good” and I’m really proud of that.

Best Friend: Partner in Crime


We met in Japan in 2006 when we were the only two foreign teachers in an after school English program. Quite unintentionally and because the universe was feeling warm and fuzzy towards me, she ended up getting into a grad program in my city, moving here and then getting a job here. When she is not being a fabulous journalist, she is being my partner in crime. When I come up with the wacky idea (hey! Let’s try our hand at archery/trapeze/candle making/road tripping) there is only one person I turn to. Because she Always. Says. Yes.

Best Friend: Kindred Spirit


Kindred Spirit and I worked together many moons ago. We were at one of those boring, awkward office birthday party things and someone asked her about a kids musical she was working on and in front of everyone she belted out this hilarious song. I knew – ok I have to get to know her. She is the embodiment of Saraswati herself. Singer, songwriter, performer, guru. She makes me laugh til my stomach hurts and then hits me with wisdom til my brain hurts.

Best Friend: Travel Buddy


Travel Buddy and I became travel buddies by accident. We were in the same film program at school but didn’t get to know each other until we found ourselves on a road trip together (our mutual friend who had invited us both bailed at the last minute). Turns out we travel SO well together and we make each other laugh. We’ve since traveled the world with each other whenever possible – including here, in Ireland, where they said “DON’T WALK TO THE EDGE OR YOU CAN FALL OFF” and she walked right up there anyway (I took a picture of her from a safe distance, thank you very much).